What NOT to do in Hotel design! Tip #1

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In my years of working as a Hospitality designer from both the consultant side as well as the ownership side there are many lessons in Interior Design that I have learned, primarily what NOT to do when designing hotel interiors.  Many designers present new and innovative ideas every time a hotel design project comes around, but few of them actually take the time to learn from past mistakes or consult with the Hotel staff or ownership to see what works and doesn’t work.  This creates a repetition of common mistakes that occur over and over again in designing hospitality interiors.  Here I will share a top 10 list of things that I feel are important to avoid, and my reasons why.  While this is a generalized list and by no means the only issues, I want to be clear that these are solely my opinions and designers may take this advice or leave it.  However, these observations are based on years of having to go back into project installations and addressing these issues time and time again.  So lets begin:

It’s a fact that there are an infinite selection of supremely cool and fun fabrics in the market right now, but when it comes to headboards, designers should resist the urge and step away from the cloth!  With the variety of sticky, gooey, & greaheadboard dirtysy hair products used by the hotel guests, the fabric headboard is a sponge that will absorb these stains and will proudly display them for future guests.  This will give the automatic impression of a dirty, filthy room, decreasing guest satisfaction from the first impression.  Instead, designers should source from the variety of vinyl products and faux leather options, which are both easy to clean and are very durable as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is the hygiene maintenance and thisbedbug-1 includes the ugly truth about bed bugs.  Unfortunately with the increase in global travel and exposure to many new “critters” and bacterium, the bed bug epidemic has become an unpleasant reality.  These bugs love to burrow into fabric, especially the nooks and crannies.  By using fabric headboards it creates a more enticing atmosphere for these unwanted guests to take up residence, making it more likely to get bitten, or better yet, take them home as souvenirs!  Using a vinyl product detracts bed bugs from snuggling in, decreasing the chances of spreading or being bitten.

Anything that can be designed for a guestroom that helps maintain the cleanliness for a longer period of time is always a better solution.  Please keep in mind that if the mess can’t be easily cleaned in the 30-40 minute dedicated time slot a housekeeper has daily per room, it’s not going to get cleaned.  A good night’s sleep is better spent counting sheep, not stains or bed bugs!


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